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Season 11... Well....

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Theory. Irving Braxiatel is the Curator & collaborated with the Moment

Irving Braxiatel is a Master manipulator, he has tried to prevent the destruction of Gallifrey several times most notably in “Enemy Lines” where he tried to change time by placing people in different positions of power. He has two defining qualities deception and self preservation, he would not willingly put himself in harms way e.g. “Time War” where he ran away rather than stopping a major Dalek advance. He left the Time War but with the Universe burning he had to find a way of stopping the war like the Doctor he knew that the Moment was the only way to stop it but unlike the Doctor it would not let him survive the destruction. So he devised a plan with the Moment to use the Doctors bleeding heart against him, he found a few points in time that would be conducive, created and planted the painting Gallifrey Falls No More and established himself as the Curator of National Gallery (having previously owned a museum which was a large asteroid in the 26th Century) then told the Doctor tasked the Doctor to find Gallifrey.
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Which Doctor Who Enemies are the Best?

  • Daleks
  • Cyberman
  • Weeping Angels
  • The Silence
  • Sontarans
  • Judoon
  • Slitheen
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First Doctor, early regeneration..

My question is ; would it have been even more dramatic to have the First Doctor regenerate in the beginning of the Tenth Planet, rather than the end? He may have been fatally wounded in the first attack of the Cybermen , whilst the Snowcap soldiers were trying to break into the TARDIS. It would mean a newly regenerated Doctor battling a new enemy ( one that would keep bothering him through out his second incarnation), dealing with suspicious companions and his post regenerative stress. What do you think?..
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Google Image Result for
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I'm trying to get into the Doctor Who fandom. Is there any particular order to watch things.
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Help.. paradox?

Hey guys, I probably just wasn't paying enough attention or something, but I just watched 'The Day of The Doctor' and wouldn't it create a paradox if they all went back and changed "destroying Galifrey" .. or does it not create a paradox because they don't remember and they think that they have destroyed it??? is that why it's not a paradox?

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1. Journey’s End 2. Utopia

1. Ok, so I get the whole idea of the DoctorDonna being unique in the universe and the most important woman in creation, but what did it mean that the timelines were converging on her?

2. Maybe I’m missing something, but if the Utopia Project was meant to find humanity a new home, then how come it just lead to more of the same hopeless darkness? Was it the Master orchestrating it all it something?
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Who Can Identify the Prop?

In series 10, we see that the Twelfth Doctor has a cup on his desk filled with copies of past Sonic Screwdrivers. We get some especially good looks at this cup in the first episode, The Pilot, specifically. As you can see in this image, everything can be pretty easily identified (except for the dark ringed one off to the right, but that’s only if you assume these must all be distinct Sonics, when in fact sometimes there are simply different colored variants of the same Sonic in the cup, which can especially be seen in the episode Thin Ice), except for the simple metal rod in the back capped off with what looks like a shallow black dome. It’s hard to spot at first, but look carefully behind the Eighth Doctor’s Sonic. This appears to be representing the original Second Doctor’s Sonic, which they used a plain penlight for back in Classic Who, but, as can be seen in images I will post in the comments, this does not quite match the penlight they used in the original show. So, can anyone identify what exactly this prop is? It might be the final canonical version of the Second Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, so it would be nice to be able to see it in its fullness and perhaps even attain one in real life!

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What are you feeling about the new years special?

  • very excited for it
  • excited
  • happy about it
  • dreading it
  • already hate it
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Series Poll

Which do you prefer?
  • Series 1 (2005)
  • Series 3 (2007)
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Sorry for the caps, I don't usually use them, but I am kinda on a mental breakdown: I've finished the entire classic era of the show today, so I concluded the whole televised series (of course, I watched the new series also). Now I'm sad, I don't have any more Classic DW to watch. What am I going to do now? Anyway, thank you for this amazing journey!!

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Adam (Dalek, Long Game) return as villain, thoughts?

I heard about a comic where Adam returns as a villain, don’t know the specifics but thought it was a good concept having an almost companion, spurned by the Doctor return for revenge or to make some grand by most likely dangerous gesture for approval. I think he could be some kind of super hacker using the hole in his head to interface directly with data. I think the idea has legs any ideas?
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Series Poll 1

I'm curious to see how this turns out. The plan to have polls for series preference two at a time starting chronological order but eliminating whichever series doesn't do as well for the next poll.

Which do you prefer?
  • Series 1 (2005)
  • Series 2 (2006)
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Do you think the daleks are returning for the new year special

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Found this on Spotify today

Still no sign of series 10 soundtrack though 🤔.
Thirteen (feat. Hollie Buhagiar)
Thirteen (feat. Hollie Buhagiar) Spotify
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Does anybody know the doctors name?!?!?!?!

The creator confirmed it was Mildred. But... what do you think?
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