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She was Ace!

Or was she? I thought she was cool 😎. What did you think?
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What did you think of the episode
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  • Liked it
  • Indifferent
  • I didn't like it
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Statue of liberty

Did the French know they were giving America a weeping angel?
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Would you rather date the doctor and die or date captain jack but grow old
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Favourite dr who monster
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Captain jack harness

What do you think of him
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Historical stories (proposal)

So, (and straight to the point) I think there should be a category for historical stories. Yes, I know, it wouldn't be an in-universe account, since any story could be considered historical or futuristic or whatever. But I have to main points:

1. TARDIS is about easily-obtained information. Why else should there be a template called "You may be looking for..."? And, in my case, when I want to search for any historical story (from our point of view) I have to either search year by year, or Doctor by Doctor, if I use the "people encountered by..." category. Now, that's not easy. At all. And, from a real word point of view, historical stories are a huge (or at least big) part of DW. You may say, "well, then, search for the person or event you want, like 'Julius Caesar' or 'WWII', but it doesn't work like that, because, for example, the other day I wanted to look for any historical story, no matter the event or person. And I just couldn't. Now, the thing is, it wouldn't be TARDIS-ish, I know. 

That's where my second point comes in:

2. We could do a real-world/out-of-universe category. You may say, "What's the criteria?". Well, here's my criteria. Any stories set before its release should be historical. Great. Now, you may also say, "But Broken is set a few years back because it's set in a previous Torchwood series!". Now, I have a solutions. We could make a category for stories set before its release but set in no previous perios, but that would be very complicated (and it just wouldn't work, what if there's a historical 8th Doctor story coming out? 8th already gone! It would only work on either the current Doctor or 6, haha!). Then, let's pick a number, say, 50. So, any stories set 50 years before its release should be considered historical. I know, it's almost completely arbitrary, but it's my opinion that it's a really needed category, and we should somehow make it work.

All said, is there anyone who agrees with me? Has anyone have another suggestion for this problem? Anyway, thank you for reading, bye.

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Kerblam! and the automation problem

I enjoyed Kerblam! a lot in how it was structured: tonally it felt really fun and felt one of those good DW mystery stories. The companions were used well, but I feel like the message at the end of the day fell flat on its face, so it's become my favourite and least favourite part of the show.

I ended up quite disliking the way automated labour was presented in Kerblam!:

*Surely if this society has widespread teleportation available, then they can probably easily grow food and build housing. Therefore it makes little to no sense for people to do menial tasks at all: they wouldn't need to earn wages if the necessities for life are widely available in the far future and can simply be provided to them.

*Also, the "work gives you purpose" notion is challenged numerous times through the attitudes of characters. Dan, for example, would be much better off spending time with his daughter than doing repetitive tasks that could be performed by robots. Kira would be better finding friends and someone who could love her enough to send her a gift like the one she treasured from Judy. Ryan, a warehouse worker from the 21st century, clearly recognises this is the same old grind: his life is better off from travelling the stars and while workers don't have TARDISes they probably have access to tour all the human colonies out there and make the most of their life through hobbies, etc.

This leads me to believe that if there were protests about society, it would be for demanding things to live a full life rather than continuing to do unfulfilling work in a warehouse to be able to afford the bare necessities of life. It really makes little sense for people like Charlie to want to continue working and I think it says that this kind of work and wage-system is functional and will always be there.

For me, even though it's really good, it upholds an exploitative system like Kerblam and it's the equivalent of having the Doctor simply making things minimally better for the Ood in Planet of the Ood instead of helping to dismantle a morally bad system.

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Lee Mack

Looking forward to tonights episode, and wondering how this funny guys going to perform? Is he going to be the light entertainment ..
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The doctor's friends

Is it possible for some of the doctor's friends to meet him in other incarnations (for example Craig meeting 10 or 12)?
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Why do they never show the cyber conversion
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Are you

I am here to ask are you a new who nerd and if so what episode are you on other wise what was you least favorite Smith Tennant and eccleston story I'm on snowmen
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• 4d

what is non canon in the dr who universe?

like the star wars universe I'd imagine there is alot of non canon stories out there but as a new fan I have no idea how to tell the difference between canon and non canon. One I do know for example is presumably non is the peter cushing dr who movie. But out of the countless comic books, novels and video games based on dr who which are not taking place in the main who universe?

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Dr. Who, en femme

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Is it just me or are the most recent doctor who stories more political? There doesn't seem to be any real story, don't get me wrong, it's always good to show the truth, but, come on. Doctor who never used to be just about pandering to the whims of the writers. Jodie is a brilliant doctor, well worth the wait. I hope that she continues to be the doctor for as long as Tom Baker was, longer. I remember doctor who being fun, of course there has always been some sort of agenda underpinning an episode, but they were still fun. The stories from its inception in the 1960s through to the late seventies were excellent, all three doctors carrying the mantle with honour. The Tom Baker years were also of a high standard, the Peter Davidson era wasn't too bad. Even the Colin baker had some good episodes. Sylvester McCoy was superb, although some of the stories lacked the shine of the previous years, there were a few remarkable episodes. The American episode was ok. When the new series started it was written like the original series only more up to date. This carried on up until the new writers came in with jodie. As I have said Jodie is brilliant, she can only do what the script says. Now it has changed into a history lesson with a political statement. WHY? I will, of course continue to watch the superb thirteenth doctor, not just because I am a huge fan, and have been since 1967, but also in the hope that the new writers give the doctor something more to do other than reciting a history lesson. Long live the thirteenth doctor!I
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Who would want to strangle her?

Poor Peri, she had some rough times in the TARDIS, did she deserve it for being bad company? Or, as I think, she was okay and should have got a better ride 👍 What do you think?
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Which is better Amy pond or rose Tyler (pls nobody post Donna I hate her)
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I just rewatched "Doomsday" And I cryed all the way till the ending
What do you Think is the top 3 sadest episodes?
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• 11/16/2018

Best Doctor+Companion relationship

Which Doctor+companion duo/team is your personal favorite, in terms of their dynamic and relationship?

I quite like Three+Jo and Ten+Donna.

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