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Instructions for {{Qotw}}

{{Qotw}} is the driving engine behind the automatic replacement of the Quote of the Week section of the main page. It looks for a sub-template of this one labelled by the number of the current week, then transcludes that template on the main page. For instance if its Week 27, then this template looks for {{Qotw/27}} and places it wherever {{Qotw}} is placed — namely, the main page.

This template is fully locked, because it is merely the conduit through which the actual quote of the week text passes. To change the quote of the week, you must change one of the following sub templates.

Today is 10 February, which is in Week 6.
Week 7 begins in 4 days, on the midnight (UTC) that divides Sunday from Monday.

Note that for the period of time that the above pages are being populated, the default for each week is the contents of {{qotw/26}}. Also, the weeks are not being filled in sequentially, but thematically. Therefore, much of February-May, July-August and December-January was completed first.

53 weeks? Edit

Although most years have only 52 weeks, some years — like 2009 — have 53, according to the software running this wiki. This is because the software employs what's called the ISO week date.

If this revelation screws with your concept of time, don't sweat it. Only about 70 years out of every 400 have 53 weeks, and we've just had one. Basically they happen every 5 or 6 years. So, 53 week years within the likely life of this wiki are 2004, 2009, 2015, 2020, 2026, and 2032.

Obsolete functionality Edit

Originally, it was envisioned that the individual week templates might not have been created until needed. For this reason, {{qotw}} includes "failsafe" coding to allow it to randomly select another week if it encounters an uncreated week template. If a week doesn't exist, then this template will come up with a sort of random number. So if the current week number is 6, then the "random" substitute would be 5

However, this has been obsoleted, since all weeks have been created.

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