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On 10 April[additional sources needed] 1912, the RMS Titanic sailed on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England.

The Daniels family cancelled their plans to travel on the ship. A photograph of the Daniels and the Ninth Doctor later came into Clive Finch's possession. (TV: Rose) The Ninth Doctor later remarked that he was on board an "unsinkable" vessel, likely the Titanic. (TV: The End of the World)

In 2003, Rebecca Whitaker died. (PROSE: Touched by an Angel)

In 2013, Clara Oswald received a letter from Madame Vastra while attempting to bake soufflés. It contained an invitation to an emergency psychic conference call with herself, Jenny Flint, River Song, and Strax. When she awoke, she and the Eleventh Doctor left for Trenzalore. (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

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