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Timeline for 1643
17th century

• 1638 • 1639 • 1641 • 1642 • 1644 • 1645 • 1646 • 1647 • 1648 • 1649
On 13 July 1643, during church services in the village of Little Hodcombe, parishioners began fighting amongst themselves. They were urged on by the Malus, which was feeding upon the psychic energy generated by their negative emotions. Roundheads and Royalists converged on the village, annihilating each other and the village. Once the violence subsided, the Malus went dormant once more. Taking refuge from the violence in a priest hole, young Will Chandler was transported to the year 1984. After defeating the Malus in that year, the Fifth Doctor returned Will to this time. (TV: The Awakening)

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