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Timeline for 1814
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In February 1814, the First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Vicki Pallister visited London during the last of the great frost fairs and witnessed the River Thames in its frozen state. On that occasion, they met the novelist Jane Austen. (AUDIO: Frostfire)

An incarnation of the Doctor took River Song to the same frost fair on her birthday. Stevie Wonder performed for them. Because of his blindness, he did not realise that he had travelled through time. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

On 17 October, the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams visited London. Amy left the Doctor and Rory in a pub so that they could bond while she went sightseeing. Instead they decided to use the TARDIS to skip ahead a few hours, while Amy encountered an agent of the Silence and became caught in the London Beer Flood.

The Doctor mentioned that this was also the year that Norway gained independence and Napoléon Bonaparte was exiled. Amy later recalled that this was also the year George Stephenson's first steam locomotive went into service. (COMIC: The Doctor and the Nurse)

On 25 December, the Seventh Doctor and Chris Cwej became stranded on a small island in the Indian Ocean. (PROSE: No Room)

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