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Timeline for 1818
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The Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith once travelled to 1818. (PROSE: The Ghosts of N-Space)

The Fifth Doctor intended to visit Brighton in this year, but found himself in Hove in 2008 as the TARDIS' lateral balance cones were offline. (AUDIO: Cuddlesome)

The Christmas carol "Silent Night" was first performed in Austria in 1818. The Fourth Doctor took Leela to see the performance. (PROSE: Christmas Every Day)

Cathy Roberts left Cheadle Hulme to live with her cousin in southern England. While she was there she had a child, Peter Roberts, with "some young radical". Sometime before the end of the year, Cathy was arrested by the Manchester yeomanry for distributing women's health pamphlets on Market Street. Mr Hurley spoke up for Cathy and had her be released from the gaol. (AUDIO: The Peterloo Massacre)

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