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Timeline for 1894
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In 1894, a large amount of unusual events occurred in the London area. Either the Paternoster Gang or Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot were usually involved in these events.

Dated events

On 11 January, the Eighth Doctor and Samantha Jones encountered Professor George Litefoot and a group of Zygons based in London. (PROSE: The Bodysnatchers)

On 7 February, Tommy Brockless was born in Manchester to Thomas Brockless and Constance Bassett. (TV: To the Last Man)

Miniature Menace

Vastra, Strax, and Jenny Flint discover Gremlins in the Royal Observatory. (PROSE: The Curious Case of the Miniature Menaces)

Also in February, the Royal Observatory in Greenwich had a large telescope installed. Shortly afterwards, about a thousand Gremlins settled in the observatory. William Christie noticed bite marks caused by the Gremlins on the telescope's lenses and cleaned them. The next day, the "scratches" were back. After this occurred several times, Christie contacted the Paternoster Gang. Vastra used a special magnifying glass that could see though time to find the Gremlins and the observatory was almost destroyed. Jenny Flint negotiated with the Gremlins and they fixed all the damage they caused. The Paternoster Gang helped the Gremlins find a new home at the bottom of the River Thames.

Two days later, dredgers in the Greenwich area were finding twice as much junk as usual and all of the junk had Gremlin bite marks on it. Rumours were circulating around local taverns of giggling coming from the bottom of the river. (PROSE: The Curious Case of the Miniature Menaces)

Vastra, Jenny, and Strax encountered the blue Minch men in Scotland. (PROSE: The Singular Case of the Blue Men of the Minch)

Strax and Jenny1

Strax and Jenny Flint perform in the Palace of Wonder. (PROSE: The Phantom of the Music House)

In June, Faye Garrideb sought out Jenny Flint's assistance with helping to solve the mystery of who was driving customers away from the Palace of Wonder. The Paternoster Gang discovered an alien spaceship beneath the music house and freed it. The Palace of Wonder was utterly destroyed by the spaceship as it left. (PROSE: The Phantom of the Music House)


Thaddeus Maine leaves 1894 in his time machine. (PROSE: The Singular Case of the Time Machine)

In September, Professor Thaddeus Maine attempted to demonstrate his working time machine at the Academy of Science, but Vastra talked him out of it after several attempts were made to steal it and kill him. Maine decided that instead of dismantling the machine, he would use it to travel to another time. (PROSE: The Singular Case of the Time Machine)


Jenny fights the fighting drone. (PROSE: The Spectre of Paternoster Row)

In November, Strax's fighting drone malfunctioned and began roaming around Paternoster Row. Mrs Fenwick, one of the Paternoster Gang's neighbours, was attacked by the drone. Along with Mr Plumbly, Fenwick approached the Paternoster Gang and asked for help getting rid of the "ghost". The drone began attacking Jenny, but stopped when it ran out of power. (PROSE: The Spectre of Paternoster Row)

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