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In 1899, the Reverend Wainwright's father translated the Viking rune inscriptions in his church, concluding that a great evil was buried in its grounds. (TV: The Curse of Fenric) Elsewhere, Jack Harkness was recruited by the Torchwood Institute, (TV: Fragments) and the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown met Winston Churchill in South Africa. (PROSE: Players)

The Fourth Doctor and Romana encountered Henry Gordon Jago, Professor George Litefoot and the Pugilist and fought Harvey Marsh in London. (AUDIO: The Justice of Jalxar)


Jack Harkness in 1899. (TV: Fragments)

On 26 December, the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa watched a Boxing Day mummers play in Stockbridge. The play recalled events in 1199 that the Doctor and Nyssa were soon to live through: overthrowing the Rutans who inhabited Stockbridge Castle. The actor who played the dragon recalled his ancestor's experiences, and went mad. (AUDIO: Castle of Fear)

On 31 December, the Torchwood One agent Gerald Kneale assisted Torchwood Three with the Centurian Incident and its clean-up in Cardiff. (COMIC: Rift War! Part Six: Circles)

Noël Coward was born. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

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