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In 1909, Walt Disney was 8 years old. (PROSE: Birthright)

Dated events

In the March, the Raven Peninsula was separated from Scotland by Sea Devils. It later became known as Raven's Isle and served as a Sea Devil breeding ground. (COMIC: Clara Oswald and the School of Death)

Sometime in the spring, the Galerie d'Art de Parisiennes had its grand reopening. An alien which had the ability to go inside paintings was at the event. After it began kidnapping the guests, the Twelfth Doctor investigated the disappearances and was also sucked into a painting. After rescuing the other victims, the Doctor returned to reality. He then trapped the alien in a painting, saving the gallery-goers from having their lives drained. (COMIC: Gallery)

In April, Bernice Summerfield was temporarily separated from the Seventh Doctor and Ace in London, where she met Muldwych. (PROSE: Birthright)

From 16 September to 18 September, the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones fought Zygons in the Lake District. (PROSE: Sting of the Zygons)

Undated events

Jack Harkness was the only survivor of an attack by fairies in Lahore. (TV: Small Worlds)

Bessy Tiplington was born. (AUDIO: The Vanity Box)

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