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World War I began in 1914.

In this year, Josie Laws McRae was born in Scotland. (PROSE: The Wheel of Ice)

Freddie was born in Russia. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man)

Before the War

Human Nature chapter ten 800

The Aubertides destroy Hulton College with a fusion bomb. (PROSE: Human Nature)

In April, Bernice Summerfield watched over John Smith, the Seventh Doctor in human form, in the town of Farringham. The Aubertides attacked, searching for him. (PROSE: Human Nature)

In June, French archaeologists discovered a Krivani interstellar drive. With the help of a German spy, the Seventh Doctor and Ace retrieved it from British agents. (PROSE: Ante Bellum)

Beginning of World War I

On 28 June, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary by Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo, Bosnia triggered a series of events that rapidly escalated into Earth's first global conflict: World War I. Unknown to the general populace, however, the start of the war was influenced by the passage of the Nemesis statue around Earth in November 1913. (TV: Silver Nemesis, TV: The Family of Blood)

In August, the first shot in the war was fired. Jamie Colquhoun enlisted the day after war was declared. (COMIC: The Weeping Angels of Mons)

In October, Germany bombarded Antwerp. Using her yacht, a British woman named Jessica Borthwick evacuated numerous Belgians across the English Channel while under German fire. (AUDIO: Brotherhood of the Daleks)

On 25 December, the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler visited a World War I battlefield and participated in a football match between the British and German soldiers. (COMIC: The Forgotten) Elsewhere on the Western Front, the Fifth Doctor witnessed another such football match while temporarily separated from Peri Brown. (PROSE: Never Seen Cairo) The First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom likewise visited the Western Front at this time. (PROSE: The Little Drummer Boy)

The Third Doctor, Tobias Philby and Thomas visited a World War I battlefield. (COMIC: The Amateur)

The Tenth Doctor visited the battlefields of the First World War in Belgium twice, once with Rose Tyler and once with Daniel Francis Thompson. (COMIC: Warfreekz!, PROSE: Deep and Dreamless Sleep)

Francis Wilberforce was killed in Flanders. (AUDIO: The Wrong Doctors)

Behind the scenes

According to a sighting report sent to by someone under the username "Matneee", the Ninth Doctor was present at Ferdinand's assassination. He shouted at the archduke, telling him to duck. [1]


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