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1929 in

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Timeline for 1929
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In October 1929, the Wall Street stock market crashed, triggering the Great Depression across Earth. (TV: Daleks in Manhattan) Also this year, in Chicago, the Seventh Doctor and Ace operated a speakeasy called Doc's. (PROSE: Blood Harvest)

On 12 April of this year, The Daily Telegraph reported that Lord Barset's expedition to Antarctica was lost following their claim to have found a lost city of intelligent reptiles. (COMIC: City of Devils, AUDIO: Frozen Time)

On 6 July, Bob Dovie was born. (AUDIO: The Light at the End)

In November, the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown visited North Devon. (PROSE: Timeshare)

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's Humber 16/50 open tourer, Imperial model automobile would be made. (TV: Mawdryn Undead)

That winter, a Triskele known as Engineer Prime crash-landed in England. The British military recovered the stranded alien and planned to return it to its people in exchange for advanced military technology. (AUDIO: Storm Warning)

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