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On 1 April 1939, the Spanish Civil War, which began in 1936, ended. (PROSE: History 101)

From August to September, as World War II progressed, Reverend Wainwright, the vicar of St. Judd's church at Maiden's Point, began to lose his faith as the allied bombing campaign inflicted huge civilian casualties on German cities. This doubt began to seep into his sermons and would eventually cost him his life when faced with the Haemovores four years later. (TV: The Curse of Fenric)

In September, the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown visited St Ursula's College in England. (AUDIO: An Eye For Murder)

On 1 September, World War II began on Earth as Germany invaded Poland. The Seventh Doctor warned Hitler that Britain and France would declare war if he took this action. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus, AUDIO: Neverland)

On 3 September, Cecelia "Sissy" Pollard, a member of the League of English Fascists and the younger sister of the Eighth Doctor's companion Charley Pollard, committed suicide in Munich as she was extremely distraught at the idea of the two countries which she loved, Britain and Germany, being at war. (AUDIO: A Blind Eye)

Jack Harkness was active in this year, as shown by photos of him found in the CIA Archive. (TV: The New World)

Dr Edward Wright and Miss Bettingham-Smith were married. They eventually had five children, including the First and Second Doctor's companion Polly Wright. (AUDIO: Resistance)

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