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In 1963, the First Doctor and his granddaughter Susan went to Earth and stayed for five months, (TV: "An Unearthly Child", COMIC: Operation Proteus) although other sources say six months (PROSE: Matrix), nine months (PROSE: The Rag and Bone Man's Story) or thirteen months. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

The Eleventh Doctor told Amy Pond that London was the coolest place in the universe in 1963 due to the Beatles, Sean Connery as James Bond, the Kinks, the Rolling Stones, Mary Quant, John Steed and Cathy Gale. (GAME: City of the Daleks)

January - June

On 29 March, seventeen-year-old Lizzie Lewis was murdered by Ed Morgan. The crime was not solved until 2007. (TV: Ghost Machine)

In late March, the TARDIS materialised in the junkyard at 76 Totter's Lane, owned by I.M. Foreman, in the Shoreditch area of London, disguised incongruously as a police box. While the First Doctor attempted repairs and worked out a plan for safely disposing of the Hand of Omega on Earth, his granddaughter Susan Foreman registered at the nearby Coal Hill School against his wishes. Britain, meanwhile, was in the grip of an unusual cold wave. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

On 1 April, the First Doctor fought off an invasion by the Cold. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

In May, using the pseudonym "John Rutherford," the Seventh Doctor was elected as an independent member of Parliament on a platform of nuclear disarmament. He retained his seat until the next general election in October 1964. (AUDIO: 1963: The Assassination Games)


Susan encounters a human mutated by Operation Proteus. (COMIC: Operation Proteus)

On 22 October, whilst at a bar, Susan witnessed a human mutate into an alien. She and the Doctor followed a trail that led to Raldonn, an alien trying to mutate humans to use as pilots for his spacecraft. (COMIC: Operation Proteus) Susan was abducted by the Threshold. (COMIC: Ground Zero, COMIC: Operation Proteus)

The TARDIS landed on the Queen Mary, a ship the Fourth Doctor found was full of ghosts. (PROSE: Ghost Ship)

In late October, the First Doctor made arrangements with a Shoreditch funeral parlour to bury the Hand of Omega in a nearby churchyard. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)


Ian and Barbara meet the Doctor. (TV: "An Unearthly Child")

On 10 November, the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown arrived at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. (AUDIO: 1963: The Space Race)

In the Shoreditch area of London, Coal Hill School teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright followed Susan Foreman home from the school. They discovered the Doctor's TARDIS in 76 Totter's Lane. Fearing the consequences, the First Doctor abducted them. (TV: "An Unearthly Child") By this time the Imperial Dalek faction had a presence in London in this time zone. (COMIC: Time & Time Again)

Nemesis approached Earth before the Kennedy assassination and, the Seventh Doctor implied, influenced it to happen. (TV: Silver Nemesis)

John F. Kennedy zoom in Rose

John F. Kennedy was the president of the United States of America until he was assassinated on the 22nd of November. (TV: Rose et al)

On 22 November, the Kennedy assassination took place, witnessed by the Ninth Doctor. (TV: Rose) The Master attempted to prevent the assassination to change history, but was prevented from doing so by James Stevens, who witnessed his future self carry out the murder. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

After 22 November, the disappearance of two teachers was noticed, but all thought Ian and Barbara had eloped. (PROSE: The Face of the Enemy)

On 23 November, the Fourth Doctor and K9 Mark II returned to Totter's Lane to retrieve a Heshrax insect which he had been tracking the day that he left. While there, they met Debbie, Susan's best friend from Coal Hill School. Debbie, who turned fifteen that day, was concerned about Susan's sudden disappearance as she knew that Susan would never miss her birthday. She had met the First Doctor on one occasion but the Fourth Doctor did not recall seeing her before. He also did not remember Susan ever mentioning Debbie but admitted that he was not always the best listener. He told Debbie that Susan decided to stay on 22nd century Earth but then amended this by adding that he chose for her, expressing the hope that this decision was for the best. Debbie was thankful that she met the Doctor as, while she knew that she would never see Susan again, she could at least live her life safe in the knowledge that she was safe in the future rather than spend it wondering what happened to Susan and fearing the worst. (PROSE: Those Left Behind)

After 22 November, the Spacefleet fighter Tisiphone, which had fallen into a temporal rift in 2547 during a battle with Daleks, exited the temporal rift near Earth space. Its crew escaped to England. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad)

On 23 November, a creature called the Shroud entered Earth soon after the assassination of the president and fed off people's grief all around the world. The Doctor and Clara stopped the alien before it could take over the planet, and the whole event was written off as a chemical attack. (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow) In London, a man was stabbed in an alleyway with a flick knife. His murderer was never found. Elsewhere in the city, a baby boy was born.S. President. (AUDIO: 1963) Jorjie Turner was sent from 2050 to 1963. She was retrieved by K9 Mark 2 and Starkey; together they saved William Pike from being arrested by Barker, preventing Darius Pike from being erased from history. (TV: The Cambridge Spy)

HistoryImperialDalek 010

Daleks search for the Hand of Omega. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)

From 29 to 30 November, the Doctor returned to Shoreditch in his seventh incarnation to finish incomplete business and collect the Hand of Omega and aid the Intrusion Countermeasures Group, the British Army's predecessor to UNIT. ICMG set up the evacuation of civilians from a three-mile radius of a fight between Renegade and Imperial Dalek factions over the Hand, an event which saw activity in 76 Totter's Lane and Coal Hill School. Humans in the know later called this event the Shoreditch Incident. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks, PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

Journalist James Stevens established the dates of Ian and Barbara's abduction and the Shoreditch Incident. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

Eighteen minutes before the Seventh Doctor and Ace arrived in Shoreditch, their future selves visited Totters Lane and found that the name on the gate had changed to "I M Forman." Ace confirmed that this was how it was spelled the last time they were here, alerting the Doctor that temporal disruptions were affecting history. (PROSE: The Algebra of Ice)

On 6 December, British Army sergeant Mike Smith was buried. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)

On 22 December, the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa visited Switzerland, where they solved the mystery of a school haunting and prevented the Spillager invasion of Earth. (AUDIO: Winter for the Adept)

Hawkins hired Joseph Galloway to clear out Totters Lane. While doing so, Galloway found the Blessing Star. (PROSE: The Rag and Bone Man's Story)

Unknown dates


The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones watch the Beatles perform. (COMIC: Signs of Life)

In Liverpool, the Tenth Doctor took Martha Jones to watch the Beatles perform. Whilst they were returning to the TARDIS, Martha was teleported to an alien planet. (COMIC: Signs of Life)

Harold Macmillan resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and was succeeded by Sir Alec Douglas-Home. Both men were members of the Conservative Party. (AUDIO: The Pelage Project)

The Beatles released their first two albums. (GAME: City of the Daleks)

1963 on other planets

The Cybock Imperium stole the Time-Gun of Rassilon from Janizzar. (COMIC: Gangland)

Alternative timelines

On 25 July, while on a fishing trip to an island to the Pacific Ocean, the Fifth Doctor discovered that the TARDIS had materialised in an alternative timeline in which World War II had never ended. After being held at gunpoint by an American fighter pilot native to this timeline named Angus "Gus" Goodman, the Doctor offered him the chance to get off the island, which was Japanese territory. Goodman accepted the Doctor's offer and became a short-lived companion. (COMIC: Lunar Lagoon, COMIC: 4-Dimensional Vistas) However, he was killed by the Moderator, a hitman in the employ of Josiah W. Dogbolter, before he could be returned to the United States of America in his timeline. (COMIC: The Moderator)

The Daleks, using the Eye of Time to change history, exterminated humanity, ravaging and conquering Earth. This timeline was averted by the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. (GAME: City of the Daleks)

Other timelines

In John Smith's possible future, he died, leaving behind Joan, his children and their children, all safe. (PROSE: Human Nature)

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