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1963 was a 2011 Big Finish Productions audio short story read by William Russell. It featured the First Doctor, Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton and Vicki Pallister.

Summary Edit

The Doctor takes Ian and Barbara back to London on 23 November 1963, where the clocks have stopped and the city is silent.

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • In her teens, Barbara dated a boy who carried a flick knife. Her mother referred to this as her "rebellious phase".
  • Vicki adds brown sauce to the food machine's programming. She does so as Ian told her that Barbara favoured it.
  • Barbara eats the food machine's version of bacon and eggs complemented by the aforementioned brown sauce.
  • Barbara has an aunt named Cecilia. They met every year in London on 23 November, her aunt's birthday.
  • Vicki knows all the words to the Beatles' first LP. Barbara does not believe that it is appropriate for a girl of Vicki's age to know by heart.
  • Vicki irritably tells Ian that her full name is simply Vicki as opposed to Victoria.
  • Barbara quotes from The Hollow Men by T.S. Eliot: "This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper".
  • Cecilia is reading a novel entitled The Price of Salt.
  • Cecilia is waiting for Barbara in Lyons' Corner House on the Strand.

Notes Edit

to be added

Continuity Edit

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