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1972 in

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Timeline for 1972
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On 16 April 1972, Caroline Hall was born. (TV: Adrift)

On 25 May, Joseph Serf was born in Dayton, Ohio. (TV: The Man Who Never Was)

On 22 July in Los Angeles, a young woman named Lori was able to extract deadly revenge against criminals who had killed a friend of hers. She was called Ini-Ma by a shadowy figure who indicated that he would later collect on a debt which she now owed him. (PROSE: Instruments of Darkness)

On 5 October, Alice Devlin was born. (TV: Adrift)

On 14 December, the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe encountered the crew of Apollo 17 and a Varani on the surface of the Moon. (PROSE: Christmas on the Moon)

Unknown dates

Oskar Steinmann died. (PROSE: Just War)

Ocean Waters met the Men in Black. (TV: The Vault of Secrets)

The Alliance of Shades was disbanded. (TV: Dreamland)

The Eighth Doctor encountered Daleks in the Ides Scientific Institute. (AUDIO: Fugitives)

The Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald encountered the Corvids in Highgate. (COMIC: The Highgate Horror)

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