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In 1990, both Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and Luke Rattigan were born.

On 17 January, Ed Morgan was released from a mental asylum. (TV: Ghost Machine)

On 14 February, Owen Harper's tenth birthday, his mother declared that she did not have to like him, only love him. (TV: Adam)

In June, free democratic elections were held in Czechoslovakia. (COMIC: The Broken Man)

In September, Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart was born to Kate Lethbridge-Stewart. (HOMEVID: Downtime)

At 6:00pm on 27 September, Elizabeth Klein met with her assistant Will Arrowsmith in the Huntsman Pub in London to talk about possibly moving him out of field work and into office work at UNIT. The Seventh Doctor then arrived, and forced Klein on a trip to Germany in May 1945. Will, disobeying her orders to stay away, accidentally ended up stowing away in the TARDIS and joining them. (AUDIO: Persuasion)

On 24 December, Linda Grainger was dumped by her boyfriend in the White Rabbit in London. (PROSE: She Won't Be Home)

Unknown dates

Child genius Luke Rattigan was born in the United States of America. (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem)

The Tenth Doctor's companion Heather McCrimmon was born in Scotland. (COMIC: The Chromosome Connection)

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