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1998 in

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Timeline for 1998
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On 12 October 1998, Thomas Hector Schofield was born to Cassandra Schofield in the Royal Bolton Hospital. (AUDIO: The Harvest, Thicker Than Water, Project: Destiny)

The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith prevented the Voracian invasion of Earth. The Doctor claimed that 1998 was "not one of [his] favourites." (PROSE: System Shock)

Sarah Jane Smith, then using the name Sarah Jane Morley, addressed the Nobel Academy. (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet)

The war between the Uvodni and the Malakh ended. The Mistress kept this a secret from her servant, General Uvlavad Kudlak, as to her peace did not compute. Kudlak continued collecting human children via Combat 3000 as soldiers for a war he didn't know was over. It was ten years until Luke Smith told him the truth. (TV: Warriors of Kudlak)

The Eighth Doctor and Samantha Jones prevented the Khameirian from launching a nuclear strike from Station Nine. (PROSE: Option Lock)

Michael Campling's Shakespeare's Playing Space was published. (PROSE: Theatre of War)

Behind the scenes

According to a sighting report sent to by someone under the username "SkipN", the Ninth Doctor attended a Boston Red Sox game in this year. He told "SkipN" that the team would be successful in 2004. [1]


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