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On 19 December 1996, the Eighth Doctor and Izzy Sinclair began travelling together in the TARDIS after having dealt with the Celestial Toymaker's attack on Stockbridge, England. (COMIC: Oblivion)

In 1841, according to markings on the walls of a cell in Fort Alexandria, Nikolai Petrovich was found to be innocent. (AUDIO: The Angel of Scutari)

In 1953, John Ellis was supposed to finalise a deal in Dublin. (TV: Out of Time)

In 1996, the Eighth Doctor and Izzy Sinclair encountered the Celestial Toymaker in Stockbridge. (COMIC: Endgame)

In 2006, Ruby Duvall caught Mike Brack reading up on cybernetics from Communication and Control in the Animal and the Machine in the library aboard the SS Elysium. (PROSE: Iceberg)

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