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2010 was the year of the weddings of four of the Doctor's companions: Bernice Summerfield, Donna Noble, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams, though Amy and Rory were the bride and groom, respectively, of the same wedding. It was also the year in which the Eleventh Doctor returned for Amy Pond and she joined him in his travels in his TARDIS.




  • Sarah Jane encountered an unwilling ally using the alias of Ruby White. Ruby ultimately faked Sarah Jane's retirement, taking over 13 Bannerman Road and Mr Smith, and tried to kill Sarah Jane by draining her life force. Ruby was defeated by being overwhelmed by humanity's fears of meteors (in simulations created by Mr White, reprogrammed by Luke). She was sent off into space on her prison ship. (TV: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith)
  • The Eleventh Doctor took Amy Pond to see a Vincent van Gogh exhibit in the Musée d'Orsay. They discovered a monster peeping through a church window in one of van Gogh's paintings. They travelled back to 1890 to discover the meaning of the painting and later took Vincent to 2010 to show modern evaluation of his work. (TV: Vincent and the Doctor) Although the date in the year was not confirmed, the setting indicates that it was winter or nearing it.

Unknown dates

The following events are conjectured as taking place in 2010. None of them, however, include any on-screen indication as to whether they actually occurred this year, but the likeliness was that they do, with Martha and Mickey appearing recently married and having gotten married near September 2009 and Captain Jack appearing to have not been away from Earth long since he left in March this year.

Other timelines

Time Field timeline

Pete's World

Due to time differences between the two worlds, they appeared in 2007 in the other world. See also Pete's World.
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