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The year 2013 was a year that was occasionally visited by the Doctor, especially in his eleventh incarnation.

Sometime during this year, the Tenth Doctor foiled an Auton invasion in the Hyperville shopping complex. (PROSE: Autonomy)

After discovering the true Clara Oswald, the Eleventh Doctor sent a Spoonhead to the Shard in London to upload Miss Kizlet to the Great Intelligence's data cloud. Kizlet ordered her men to save her, which meant downloading all the minds in the cloud back to the people with bodies, including Kizlet and Clara. (TV: The Bells of Saint John)

The Eleventh Doctor often went to 2013 to see Clara, where she worked as a nanny, looking after Artie and Angie. Artie and Angie discovered Clara travelled in time when she came back after her adventures in Sweetville, showing her pictures they had found of her in history.[source needed]

The Seventh Doctor and Ace found Group Captain Ian Gilmore's memoirs in a bookshop in London. (AUDIO: The Assassination Games)

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