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2016 was a year which the Twelfth Doctor visited many times. (COMIC: Big in Japan, The Stockbridge Showdown, Planet of the Rude et al)

By this year, the Eighth Doctor's companion Izzy Sinclair was working for Médecins Sans Frontières‎. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)

In 2014, (COMIC: The Fractures) while trying to work out how a forest had grown on Earth overnight, the Twelfth Doctor compared a tree to a time machine, and determined that this had to have happened due to messing with the fabric of time, as "you [couldn't] create a whole overnight forest with extra special fertiliser". He referred to a hypothetical scenario, where "[y]ou plant[ed] a little acorn in 1795, and in the year 2016, there [was] an oak tree, there in the same spot, with a tiny, little bit of 1795 still alive inside of it." (TV: In the Forest of the Night)

Dated events Edit

January - August Edit

Early in the year, the famous musician David Bowie died. In tribute to him, Erimem and Andy Hansen left a copy of his album Life on Mars on the planet Mars. (PROSE: Life on Mars on Mars)


The newly renovated Barbara Wright Building. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

In the spring, EverUpwardReach Ltd. sponsored the renovation of Coal Hill School into Coal Hill Academy. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

2016 Time Shark

Strax chases away bullies on the Time Shark. (COMIC: The Adventures of Strax & the Time Shark)

In the summer, Strax visited a city with his Time Shark. He encountered a boy who was being bullied. He let the boy ride on the shark with him and they scared away the bullies. (COMIC: The Adventures of Strax & the Time Shark)

In July, the Twelfth Doctor joined an internet forum under the name ThetaSigma. He wrote an extremely negative post about an episode of a television series. (COMIC: Planet of the Rude)

The Transformed (comic story)

Rose Tyler and Deano flying over San Francisco. (COMIC: The Transformed)

In August, the Celestial Hyperloop Corporation began using a wormhole that started in Shirov-three and passed through San Francisco. The wormhole began mutating people, first by giving them inhuman strength and flight, then by transforming them into gargoyle-like creatures. Martha Jones came to San Francisco to investigate while her husband Mickey Smith was busy in the Czech Republic, but she mutated into a Gargoyle.

Mickey followed Martha to San Francisco and realised that he was out of his depth and tried to get the attention of the Tenth Doctor. Instead, he brought the Ninth Doctor to San Francisco with Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness. The Ninth Doctor helped Mickey and Martha while also keeping Rose and Jack away to preserve the Web of Time. Rose and Jack met a group of young people who had begun mutating and Rose began mutating as well. Rose and the others flew into the wormhole and caused its stabilisers to break. The Doctor, Mickey, and Martha stopped the wormhole from hurting anyone when it collapsed. The effects the wormhole had on people wore off. (COMIC: The Transformed)

September - December Edit

Near the start of the Coal Hill Academy school year, the Twelfth Doctor left Prince Charlie of Rhodia and his Quill servant outside of the academy. Charlie enrolled into the academy as a student and the Quill became a physics teacher. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)

On 26 September, the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald came to Earth on a time dragon and encountered Gertie and Charlie Baker. (COMIC: Super Gran)

12 & Dogbolter

The Twelfth Doctor, Maxwell Edison, Josiah W. Dogbolter, and Gol Clutha in St Justinian's Church. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)

In autumn, on Maxwell Edison's 60th birthday, the Twelfth Doctor came to Stockbridge with plans to bring down Josiah W. Dogbolter's criminal empire with the help of several old friends. He froze the entire population of Stockbridge, save Maxwell, so that nobody would be hurt during the plan. Frobisher impersonated Chiyoko and brought Dogbolter from the future to 2016. Dogbolter was then brought to St Justinian's Church, where he confronted the Doctor. During the confrontation he admitted to killing countless people. Sharon Davies filmed the entire confrontation and brought the video back to Dogbolter's time, where Dogbolter was arrested. The Doctor then brought Maxwell to Cornucopia, where they celebrated Maxwell's 60th birthday with Frobisher, Sharon Davies, Izzy Sinclair, Destrii, and Majenta Pryce. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)

Also in autumn, Coal Hill Academy held a prom in the school hall. The Shadow Kin began coming through the space-time rip in Coal Hill in the days leading up to the prom. Two days before, Kevin Williams died using a displacement gun to kill a Shadow Kin. One day before, April Maclean encountered Charlie and Miss Quill while she was decorating for the prom and learned that they were aliens. Corakinus came through the rip and through an incident involving the displacement gun began sharing a heart with April.

On the night of the prom, an army of Shadow Kin came to Coal Hill. Ram Singh's girlfriend Rachel was killed and everyone attending the prom was terrified. Miss Quill called the Twelfth Doctor and asked for help. When Charlie and Quill were corned in the Coal Hill school hall, the Doctor arrived and, with the help of Tanya, weakened the Shadow Kin with the school's lights. The Shadow Kin were pushed back through the space-time rip and the Doctor brought together Quill, Charlie, April, Ram, Tanya, and Matteusz near the Coal Hill School Roll of Honours Board and tasked them with the role of protecting Coal Hill from further alien attacks. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) The rest of the students quickly forgot about the Shadow Kin.

A week after the autumn prom, the Doctor's team had their second alien encounter. Ram stumbled into two murders committed by a skin-peeling dragon. Meanwhile, Miss Quill found herself being spyed on by a robot sent by the Governors which was disguised as an ofsted inspector. A second skin-peeling dragon came to Coal Hill and killed the Headteacher Mr Armitage and the robot inspector. Ram realised that the dragons he and his friends had seen resembled the dragon tattoo on Coach Dawson and the team confronted Dawson shortly afterwards. They learned that one dragon had been fused to Dawson and the second dragon was its mate. The second dragon joined this confrontation and, after some encouragement from Ram, grabbed Dawson and took him through the space-time rip to wherever the dragons originated from. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

Unknown dates Edit

Big in Japan

The Doctor tracks the Kaznak Simu-System's signal as two kaiju rampage through Japan. (COMIC: Big in Japan)

Professor Nakatomi bought a Kaznak Simu-System off of the black market to create a video game system. He tested it by having it physically create the dreams of two young boys. The boys dreamt about two monsters from an action figure series, causing the Simu-System to create two giant monsters that fought each other in the streets, destroying building and cars. UNIT arrived on the scene, but were unsuccessful in dealing with the monsters. The Twelfth Doctor arrived in Japan looking for ramen and encountered UNIT. He used his sonic screwdriver to find the Simu-System, and then made it create his dreams instead of the boys'. The monsters briefly became a giant Twelfth Doctor before vanishing. Nakatomi was then arrested by UNIT. (COMIC: Big in Japan)

Macqueen in Beeves body

The older Master in the body of his past self with the Fifth Doctor. (AUDIO: And You Will Obey Me)

The Transhuman Sisters of the Unholy Protocol came to Hexford searching for the Master, who had been trapped without form in his TARDIS since 1984. They killed Michael Masterson, who was guarding the TARDIS, but were unable to get into it. While Masterson's brother put the TARDIS up for auction to attract the killer, the Transhuman Sisters waited for a Time Lord who would be able to get into the TARDIS. The Fifth Doctor came to the auction and encountered one of the Sisters. The Sisters captured the Doctor, the TARDIS, and three children who had had the Master's life essence in them since 1984. After the Sisters were deactivated by two dragonmasters, the Master's mind left his TARDIS and went into the body of Michael Masterson's brother. The Master retrieved his essence from the children and left in his TARDIS. The Doctor left shortly afterwards to return to his travels and UNIT cleaned up the mess left by the Sisters' crashed spaceship. (AUDIO: And You Will Obey Me)

After the Cult of the Heretic swapped the minds of the Thirteenth Master and his future bald incarnation, the younger Master was left thinking he had regenerated into the bald Master. However, he lacked any memory of regenerating. (AUDIO: The Two Masters) He returned to an island prison where he once set up a Carmentine Mind Leach trap. When he found that he had caught a Mind Leach, he came up with a plan to lure the Doctor to the island and use the Mind Leach to transfer the Doctor's memories into himself.

Beevers in Macqueen's body

The younger Master in the body of his future self with the Sixth Doctor. (AUDIO: Vampire of the Mind)

The Master set up the Dominus Institute on the island and hypnotised Andrew Gobenar into being its puppet-leader. He then began masquerading as a scientist at the institute named Damien Scott. To attract the Doctor's attention and keep the Leach alive, the Master began luring the planet's smartest scientists to the Dominus Institute and draining them of intelligence. When the Sixth Doctor came to London looking for Professor Threadstone, Threadstone had already went to the island and many scientists, including Kenneth Albrecht and Arthur Makeling, had had their minds drained. The Doctor and Threadstone's daughter came to the island and put a stop to the Master's plans. The Doctor made a deal with the Mind Leach so that she only gave the Master his short-term memories. The Master tried to make the Leach take all of the Doctor's memories, but only succeeded in destroying all of his equipment and killing all of mind-drained scientists and the Leach. The Master ran away and the Doctor was left with little memory of the incident. (AUDIO: Vampire of the Mind) An agent of the older Master observed the entire scheme. (AUDIO: The Two Masters)

Eliza Jones' mother

The Twelfth Doctor watches Charles Abbott being slapped by Eliza Jones' mother at the UK Book Festival. (COMIC: Shock Horror)

The Twelfth Doctor visited the annual UK Book Festival, where he encountered Charles Abbott: an alien who masqueraded as a human to write popular children's books. He also met Eliza Jones, who told him that Abbott had kidnapped her younger brother Sammy. Using one of Abbott's books, the Doctor tracked Sammy to Abbott's homeplanet. The Doctor and Eliza saved Sammy and trapped Abbott in a stasis jail cell. (COMIC: Shock Horror)

Under orders from the British government, UNIT recreated the K1 robot. It escaped and went on a rampage in downtown London. The Twelfth Doctor and Petronella Osgood were able to disassemble it, but only after it destroyed the London Eye. (COMIC: Robo Rampage)

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