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On 16 August 2017, a holiday liner sank. (TV: The Enemy of the World)

On Christmas Day, the Chelbil invaded Earth. They were scared away from the planet by the Eighth Doctor and Goilin B. After the departure of the Chelbil, the Doctor planned to invite Jason Kane, Bernice Summerfield, Ace and Grace Holloway to Christmas dinner in Cheldon Bonniface. (PROSE: Not in My Back Yard)

The Sevakrill's fleet "raged" through Mutter's Spiral in their war against the Charnal horde. They planned to explode the Earth with a missile but the Fifth Doctor had already deactivated it on 23 October 1843. (AUDIO: The Lions of Trafalgar)

The Kakapo died out on Earth, except for one taken to the Museum of the Last Ones. (PROSE: The Last Dodo)

Eighteen year old Adelaide Brooke began attending Rice University. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

Archaeologists discovered the wreckage of the Dalek Saucer Survey Ship Sigma in France one hundred years after it had crashed and accidentally revived the surviving Daleks inside. The Eleventh Doctor arrived just in time to prevent a disaster and connected the saucer to a power line, overloading the Daleks. He saw this as "unfinished business". (COMIC: The Dalek Project)

Following several periods of activity elsewhere after the destruction of the Torchwood Hub in 2009 and the Miracle Day phenomenon in 2011, (TV: Torchwood: Children of Earth, Torchwood: Miracle Day) Torchwood returned to Cardiff. Torchwood returned in order to deal with temporary holes in space time which brought through new alien phenomena to the city. This was despite the apparent closing of the Rift in 2009. They weren't sure if this was a sign of the Rift reopening or simply the position in Cardiff being vulnerable. At this point, Gwen Cooper, who dealt with most of these incursions with assistance from PC Andy Davidson while her husband looked after their daughter, approached Roger Pugh, Planning Officer for Cardiff City Council, in order to establish a new Torchwood Cardiff facility which would replace the long-gone Hub. After Gwen showed Roger a day of her work first hand, he gave her his support. (AUDIO: More Than This)

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