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2100s •2110s • 2120s • 2130s
part of the 22nd century
2150s • 2160s • 2170s • 2180s
Humanity continued to expand in the 2140s as Earth endured disasters.

Humanity in space Edit

In space, the Eurogen Butler Corporation colonised Dimetos in 2142. (PROSE: Another Girl, Another Planet) On 28 September 2145, human colonists arrived on Avalon aboard the colony ship Prydwen. (PROSE: The Sorcerer's Apprentice)

Earth Edit

Back on Earth, an American subsidiary of Panorama Chemicals filled in the Carlsbad Caverns with plastic waste in 2140. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising) David Campbell was born in 2145. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks) The following year, America's economy collapsed, causing food riots. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

Other events Edit

A civil war was fought on Delcanto. (PROSE: The Light that Never Dies)

In 2148, the Seventh Doctor and Bernice Summerfield visited Betrushia. (PROSE: St Anthony's Fire)

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