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In the 2170s, humanity ventured into space once again after the overthrowing of the Dalek occupation of Earth in 2167.

Earth and humanity Edit

In 2172, the pesticide GK50 was used on swarms of highly aggressive wasps that were attacking people. In an alternative timeline, the Daleks which had succumbed to the Mutant Phase were killed on Earth by consuming traces of this pesticide. (AUDIO: The Mutant Phase)

The planet New Canaan was discovered by humans in 2173. (PROSE: Heritage)

In 2175, there was a rebellion on the human colony of Agora led by Arthur Lakesmith in attempt to usurp the Overseers, but it was swiftly ended by the Cybermen when they returned the following year. (PROSE: Killing Ground) Three years later, a six-year-old Grant Markham and three other children were placed on a ship the colonists of Agora found there and were sent to New Earth. (PROSE: Killing Ground)

Other events Edit

In 2172, the Tzun attempted to conquer the Veltrochni. (PROSE: First Frontier) Though the Tzun were successful at the beginning, as the war carried on the Veltrochni packs joined forces and fought back. They drove the Tzun off, destroyed many of their colony planets and effectively broke the entire Tzun Confederacy. The Veltrochni became renowned for their power after this. (PROSE: The Dark Path) After this, the Veltrochni gained the Tzun's advanced weaponry. (PROSE: Mission: Impractical)

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