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Timeline for 2596
26th century

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In 2596, the Ferutu took over Dellah.

On 30 March, Dellah was quarantined by the Earth Empire.

In early April, the Time Lords hid from the Ferutu in the bottle universe. (PROSE: Dead Romance)

Bernice Summerfield was cured of the after-effects of her Mary-Sue. (PROSE: Return to the Fractured Planet) She travelled to the planet Virabilis and interacted [statement unclear] with Dorpfeld's Prism. (PROSE: The Joy Device) At another point in the year, Summerfield, Jason Kane, Chris Cwej and Clarence travelled to Dellah and encountered the Ferutu. Kane was left trapped in their universe. (PROSE: Twilight of the Gods)

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