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Timeline for 2597
26th century

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In 2597, the Time Lords now residing in the bottle universe planned to destroy the All-High Gods on Dellah. They were going to deploy a Doomsday Probe, which would release a wave of accelerated entropy that would destroy the whole sector. Bernice Summerfield convinced them to delay their plan, and was able to activate a device which shifted Dellah into the universe of the Ferutu. (PROSE: Twilight of the Gods)

The Shahinitarazad Codex was translated in 2597 by Lizbeth Fugard, Professor of Sidereal Mythology at Youkali University. (PROSE: Another Girl, Another Planet)

Professor Uzua Jindah discovered a vase belonging to the long-dead Zulawy civilisation on the planet Wyzyn. (PROSE: The Monster and the Archaeologists)

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