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On 28 Februry 1981, the Fourth Doctor and Adric landed the TARDIS by the side of a motorway to measure a police box. Air hostess Tegan Jovanka stumbled aboard the TARDIS on her way to work at London's Heathrow Airport. The TARDIS took off with her in it. The Doctor and the Master later confronted one another on the Pharos Project. The Doctor slipped and fell, and then regenerated into his fifth incarnation. (TV: Logopolis, PROSE: Divided Loyalties)

On the same day, the TARDIS materialised on a spaceship, where the Fifth Doctor and Adric found Urbankans and human androids. The Doctor saved the Earth from the leader of the Urbankans, Monarch, who had planned to poison humanity in order to steal equipment needed to travel in time. Having decided they would no longer have any place on Earth, the androids decided to pilot the ship to a new world and continue their lives there. (TV: Four to Doomsday)

In 1941, production on the Nazi aircraft Munin completed after half a decade's worth of work. (PROSE: Just War)

Behind the scenes

This was one of very few instances in which a classic series Doctor Who television story, namely part one of Logopolis, took place on the same day as its broadcast: 28 February 1981. Another such example is 16 July 1966. The new series had three such occurrences: 25 December 2009, 26 June 2010 and 22 April 2011.