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On Thursday 28 March 1963, seventeen-year-old Lizzie Lewis was raped and murdered by Ed Morgan on her way home. Both Bernie Harris and Owen Harper witnessed this attack using a quantum transducer. (TV: Ghost Machine)

On exactly the same day, Susan Foreman handed in her lines from the day before to Coal Hill Secondary School's Mr Grange. He seemingly forgot the events of the previous day, despite Susan's worries. As it was snowing like never before at that time of the year in London, Susan and Gillian Roberts made a snowman before the bully Francis Minto destroyed it with a cricket bat. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

In 2040, Michael Skinner visited Imogen Quaye in her Lashley Institute room, and gave her chocolate in return for some answers. He recommended she "try reading Orwell". (PROSE: Artificial Intelligence)

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