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2K flying

2K flying. (COMIC: Impasse)

You may be looking for the year 2000.

2K was a humanoid robot created by the Zerovians to prevent war from breaking out between the Daleks and the Mechanoids. He first landed on Skaro, where he learned that the Daleks had set the rogue planet Skardal on a collision course with Mechanus. After narrowly avoiding capture, he stole a Dalek missile and set it on a course for Skardal. He separated the rocket from the warhead, which began travelling back to Skaro. To save themselves, the Daleks fired their anti-missile rockets, which destroyed the warhead and Skardal as well. 2K, having landed on Mechanus, showed the Mechanoids the destruction of Skardal and told them that the Daleks had saved them on purpose. The Mechanoids called off the war, and 2K returned to Zeros. (COMIC: Impasse)

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