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On 2 February 2007, the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, trapped in an alternate universe dubbed "Pete's World" since the day before, escaped the Cyberman attack with the Preachers, Mickey Smith and Peter Tyler. They infiltrated the Cyberman factory, where every Londoner in EarPods was being upgraded, including Pete's wife, Jackie Tyler. After a Cyberman whose emotional inhibitor was broken died of shock, the Doctor sent a signal that deactivated every one of them. Mickey and Jake destroyed the transmitter controls so the hypnotised EarPod bearers could escape. Mickey also sent the Doctor the codes to break the inhibitor controls, destroying the Cybermen. The survivors of the resistance escaped the burning factory in a zeppelin. With the TARDIS cells charged (they were broken the day before), the Doctor and Rose returned to their universe. Mickey stayed behind, taking his deceased counterpart's place in shutting down more Cyberman factories with the Preachers. (TV: The Age of Steel)

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