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On 2 July 1462, the Fifth Doctor, stuck in the streets of Wallachia with Peri after the events of 17 June, was stabbed in the chest with a poisoned knife. Erimem, soon to be married to Vlad III, went away with him to Poienari, not before visiting Peri to say goodbye. The Doctor quickly recovered from the wound, having been stabbed between his two hearts, and warned Vlad that his brother Radu would attack his palace. The TARDIS crew escaped together, Vlad not marrying Erimem after all. History said that Vlad's wife fell off the towers of Vlad's castle, so the Doctor wrote just that into Radu's journal leaving time to run its course. (AUDIO: Son of the Dragon)

In 1908, Katherine Stephen wrote a poetic letter to The Times about the 30 June meteor shower. (PROSE: Birthright)

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