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Timeline for 3020
31st century

• 3025

3020 was an important year for the planet Earth. According to Eldane, his branch of homo reptilia awoke from a thousand year hibernation during this year. The timing of this awakening was agreed with the Eleventh Doctor in 2020. The Doctor believed that by that point, homo reptilia and homo sapiens could co-exist on the planet Earth. (TV: Cold Blood)

Behind the scenes Edit

The date of the homo reptilian awakening depends upon the Doctor and Eldane speaking precisely. The year 3020 is never mentioned in the narration in Cold Blood. Rather, the Doctor and Eldane toss around the figure of "a thousand years", in the dialogue and Eldane's narration. Since the date of the story is explicitly 2020, then 3020 would, of course, be a thousand years from that. It seems reasonable to assume that the return of the homo reptilia would be exactly one thousand years later, as the revivification process was automated by computer.

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