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4-D War was the middle story in a trilogy of Doctor Who Magazine "backup" strips by Alan Moore. Following the story of the origin of the Time Lords in Star Death, 4-D War posited the then-novel concept of a "time war" — a notion that would go on to influence novel writers in the 1990s, as well as Russell T Davies revival of the television series itself in 2005.

In 2012, Lawrence Miles said, "Alan Moore's back-up strips were an obvious influence on both Marc Platt's view of ye olde Gallifrey and my view of its future (Alien Bodies shares 95% of its DNA with its closest relative, 4-D War.)"[1]

Indeed, the fact that this story's time war takes place in what is very early Time Lord history — long pre-dating the Doctor's birth — is one of the reasons that the televised "time war" is more formally called the Last Great Time War.

From the perspective of comics historians, however, this story — and its larger trilogy — are mostly significant because of the partnership between Moore and artist David Lloyd, a duo that would go on to create one of the most significant English language graphic novels, V for Vendetta.

Summary Edit

Twenty years after the loss of Rassilon, the Time Lords seek to retrieve Fenris from the Zone of No Return to learn the reason for his attempt to stop the Gallifreyan's control over time. Wardog and Rema-Du, the daughter of Lord Griffen, are successful in their attempt, but while the Chronarchs of the Prydonian Chapter await results from Viridian the Brainfeeler, they are visited by the Order of the Black Sun, enemies from thirty thousand years in the future, who wipe out Fenris, the Brainfeeler and several of the council before they disappear. In the chaos, Lord Griffen reflects on crimes yet to be committed.

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Characters Edit

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Individuals Edit

  • Fenris is confined in the Zone of No Return.
  • Rema-Du, daughter of Griffen and Jodelex trained for ten years to retrieve the Hellbringer.
  • Griffen is the designer of the security system of the facility which accesses to the Zone of No Return.
  • The Special Executives are a group working for Gallifrey. Among its members:
  • Llorex, Faru-Faro and Drin are members of the Order of the Black Sun.
  • Following the attack of the Order of the Black Sun, there 11 casualties: Viridian, Fenris and nine of the Castellan's strike force.

Notes Edit

  • Lawrence Miles cited Alan Moore's back-up strips as an influence on Marc Platt's view of Gallifrey's past and Miles' own view of its future. In particular, he said "Alien Bodies shares 95% of its DNA with its closest relative, 4-D War". [2]

Original print details Edit

Publication with page count and closing captions
  1. DWM 51 (4) End

Reprints Edit

Reprinted by Marvel in The Daredevils issue 6.

Continuity Edit

Footnotes Edit

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