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On Easter Sunday, 4 April[source needed] 2009, Lady Christina de Souza stole the Cup of Athelstan from the International Gallery and made her getaway on a number 200 London bus, only to be unexpectedly transported to the planet of San Helios, by means of a wormhole, in the company of the Tenth Doctor. Eventually, the Doctor flew the damaged bus back through the wormhole, and Christina made her escape from the police on the now-flying bus. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

In 1963, Susan Foreman met with John Brent at the Lyons' Corner House; they had tea and cake, and Susan tried to explain "the Box" and her species. By this date, the six-year-old Malcolm's aunt Junie began living with him, cancelling the need for Susan's regular Saturday babysitting. Gillian Roberts and Zack Henderson began dating, hoping to get engaged by the following year. Meanwhile, the First Doctor discovered that he'd broken something serious in his TARDIS and set about fixing it. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

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