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54 Bannerman Road was the address of a house in the London suburb of Ealing. In 2009, it was the home of Doris.

One day Doris was chatting inside her living room when she got a download link from a chat partner. Once the computer has finished the download, a sound of metal being twisted and bent could be heard, accompanied by malicious laughter. The computer transformed into a locust. Meanwhile Sarah Jane had established a webcam connection with Doris and and told her to stay calm. She also wanted to know where Doris was living. Doris replied that she was living at 54 Bannerman Road and ran out of the room.

The web cam seemed to follow her looking down at her from the middle of the living room. Then the video feed broke. Rani and Clyde ran down the stairs to Doris' house. They got into the house and armed themselves with things from Doris' kitchen and saw that Doris was chased by a locust made of metal. Rani hit the locust with a pan, then the locust vanished. Clyde went outside and tried to find the locust. When Clyde was away the locust attacked Rani and an alien intelligence took control over her mind. As Clyde returned to the room the locust seemed to be gone. Rani told him that she wass fine. They left the house and took the remains of Doris' computer with them because Doris didn't want to keep it at home. (AUDIO: Deadly Download)

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