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Years of interest

        The four major powers in Mutter's Spiral were the Federation of Worlds, referred to informally as the Galactic Federation, which is run by a President; the Dalek Empire, ruled by Davros; the Cybermen, ruled by a Cyber-Emperor; and the Draconian Empire. Another major power was Josiah W. Dogbolter's Intra-Venus, Inc., a company rich enough to own Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.

        Paper became a highly rare and expensive commodity. The main currency was the mazuma. (COMIC: The Shape Shifter)

        The Skeletoids tore through the galaxy, decimating the Daleks and Cybermen and coming close to the Federation. They were stopped by a coalition of heroes including the Sixth Doctor and Kaon. (COMIC: Kane's Story, Abel's Story, The Warrior's Story, Frobisher's Story)

        A key planet of Dogbolter's was lost to him, ruining his delicate economic balance, when a minor joke caused the local workers to start thinking and being creative. (AUDIO: The Maltese Penguin)

        Dogbolter advertised the Dogbolter Temporal Rocket, offering time-travel to private buyers. He sent Death's Head after the Seventh Doctor, with the Rocket rigged as a bomb, but was killed when the rocket went off at Intra-Venus, Inc.'s HQ. (COMIC: Time Bomb!)

        The Draconian warrior Kaon was stranded on Actinon. (COMIC: War-Game)

        A mining revolt on the planet Celeste was put down. (COMIC: The Moderator)

        Dogbolter was swindled out of 250,000 mazumas. (COMIC: The Shape Shifter)

        The presence of the Doctor caused amoral salvage expert Keepsake to rescue a stranded medic, Bahlia. (COMIC: Keepsake)