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On 9 August 1945, a British atomic bomb ravaged an entire city. The city was, according to Rita Hawks, "wiped from the face of the planet in the blink of an eye". Many people died in the blast. (PROSE: Loving the Alien)

13 years earlier, Rita Hawks was born. After the bomb was dropped on her thirteenth birthday, she stopped celebrating them, unable to celebrate her arrival into the world on the same day that so many others left it. Despite this, in 1959, he[who?] began planning her 1960 birthday, indicating that she had finally gotten over the trauma of that fateful day in 1945. (PROSE: Loving the Alien)

The Second Doctor and Serena landed on 9 August 1794 in Napoleonic France to begin their CIA mission against the Players. (PROSE: World Game)

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