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This is a work of non-fiction.

Unlike other fictional universes, the Doctor Who universe is created solely by fiction. To us, this is not a valid source. Information from this source can only be used in "behind the scenes" sections, or on pages about real world topics.

A Book of Monsters was a Doctor Who reference book published by BBC Books.

Subject matter

Meet the monsters and their makers with over 200 of the Doctor's greatest foes brought together in one book.

Publisher's summary


They lumbered through space, lurched from the sea, slimed along ventilator shafts and even visited St Paul's Cathedral. They were the scourge of the Doctor's many lives: they were the monsters.

Sending millions of children scurrying behind the sofa each week, Doctor Who has been host to some of the most weird and wonderful species ever to emerge from the imagination. Daleks, Ice Warriors, Sea Devils, Cybermen ... whether they dreamed of intergalactic conquest or simply wanted to survive, the Doctor has met them all. A Book of Monsters takes you behind the scenes of Doctor Who to meet the monsters and their makers.

Packed with rare pre-production design drawings and photographs, and including candid comments and recollections from those people who actually devised, created and played the monsters, A Book of Monsters is a celebration of the many talents which brought Doctor Who's greatest foes to the television screen. Also featured are several exclusive original story outlines, showing how many favourite stories started life; and the original scripted descriptions of the monsters are revealed as we explore the rubber and latex-filled world of the monster makers.

As well as intimate profiles of some of the Doctor's greatest enemies, there are more than 200 alien creatures, robots, beasts, mutants and plants featured in this extensive illustrated guide to Doctor Who's monsters.

A Book of Monsters is the indispensable guide to the horrors found in the many worlds of Doctor Who.


Author's Note
  1. The Monsters Are Coming
  2. The Sixties
  3. The Cybermen
  4. The Ice Warriors
  5. The Seventies
  6. The Sontarans
  7. The Eighties
  8. The Haemovores
  9. The Daleks and Davros
  10. The Legend Continues
  11. A-Z of Monsters

Notable features

  • Over 200 brief outlines are included in the A-Z listing chapter mostly with photographs.
  • Features a number of early design sketches and original source material.


  • The photographic montage cover was by Blacksheep and the dustcover was identical to the cover binding.
  • This book featured the Doctor Who logo used for the Eighth Doctor's run.
  • Dedication: "This book is dedicated to the monsters in my life: to James (chief monster), Andrew (monster-in-training) and Rosemary (mummy monster)."
  • Some of the material that covered the Eighties and the Haemovores had originally appeared in The Frame fanzine co-written by the author along with Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker. Together the three writers have collaborated on a number of Doctor Who reference books and guides.

Publication history

  • This title was released priced £16.99 (UK) with a print run 6000.
  • No reprints or paperback edition available.