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A Tourist Invasion was a Brief Encounter short story published in the Doctor Who Yearbook 1993. It was the last story in the volume, and was also the final Brief Encounter ever published.

Publisher's summary Edit

The Sixth Doctor and Mel investigate unscrupulous goings-on on a holiday resort planet. A new story by the Doctor himself, Colin Baker. Illustration by Paul Vyse.

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • According to the Doctor, Torquemada "makes a terrible cup of tea".

Species Edit

The Oox Edit

  • The Oox call the Khee "lix".
  • Oox means "those who communicate in a decent low pitched sound" in the language of the Oox.
  • Lix means "those who communicate in a very unpleasant high-pitched, squeaky, and thoroughly obnoxious way" in the language of the Oox.

The Khee Edit

  • The Khee call the Oox "Khoogh"
  • Khee means "delightfully light-toned superior ones" in the language of the Khee.
  • Khoogh means "grating heavy-toned eaters of daarg-droppings" in the language of the Khee.

Daargs Edit

  • Daarg-droppings are considered delicacies by every race, except the daargs.

Tribolycanna Edit

  • Tribolycanna have a genetic inability to refuse hospitality.

Notes Edit

  • This story is the last ever Brief Encounter story, published in 1992.
  • This is one of the few stories in which the Doctor commits mass genocide.
  • The story is also one of a few stories to feature the Doctor and be written by the actor who plays him.

Continuity Edit

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