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Major Abesse, also referred to as "Prisoner 203", was an inmate at the Prison. She had been a mercenary on the losing side during the HomeWorld Revolution. The newly elected president of the HomeWorld had sent her to the Prison.

During the Custodian takeover of the facility, Abesse took a gun from a Guardian and protected herself and Marianne Globus in the Medical Wing, whom she had taken care of. During the Doctor's imprisonment, Abesse had been taking orders from him. As the four of them went to search for Clara, Abesse took on the role of protector. Abesse went on to govern the Prison. (PROSE: The Blood Cell)

Personality Edit

Whilst inside the Prison, Abesse had grown angry and easily irritable. She attacked anybody who annoyed her. This included the Twelfth Doctor, whom she attacked for merely being annoying. The Doctor was able to make her woozy with Venusian Aikido. Within a few days after the fight, the two of them had made amends.

Her fiery personality was appreciated by the staff of the Prison, who understood her sourness at her situation and towards the government, and who used her as an asset. During the Doctor's imprisonment, the Governor refused to step in on her fight with the Doctor as he concluded that he probably deserved it.

It was later revealed that the Doctor had secretly recruited her due to her being a mercenary, and therefore being someone who "thinks before she shoots". (PROSE: The Blood Cell)

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