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The Doctor Remembers Gallifrey - Doctor Who - Gridlock - BBC03:33

The Doctor Remembers Gallifrey - Doctor Who - Gridlock - BBC

The city of New New York together sings "Abide with Me" as the Tenth Doctor describes his past and home planet to Martha Jones. (TV: Gridlock)

"Abide with Me" was an ancient Earth hymn sung by the drivers of New New York as they departed the Motorway after they were freed by the Tenth Doctor. It was also the usual subject of the Daily Contemplation. (TV: Gridlock)

A line from the hymn was quoted by Hindle to describe the planet Deva Loka. (TV: Kinda)

Behind the scenes Edit

The performance of the song from Gridlock was included on the soundtrack CD for Series 3 and is, to date, the only non-original song ever included on a Doctor Who soundtrack from either the classic or revival series. The Gridlock version was arranged by Murray Gold.

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