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Absolute Power was the two hundred and nineteenth story in Big Finish's monthly range.

Publisher's summary Edit

Two thousand years ago, all civilisation on the planet Teymah was wiped out in an AELE – an Anomalous Extinction Level Event. Now, the galactic entrepreneur Lyam Yce hopes, at last, to learn the reason why the ancient Teymahrians went extinct – by funding a huge archaeological dig.

While the Doctor probes a strange sphere found by Yce's diggers, his companion, former Bletchley Park cryptographer Constance Clarke, agrees to help translate symbols written in the lost ancient language of the Teymahrians. And soon, they'll learn that ancient Teymah's secrets were best left buried deep beneath its shifting sands...

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  • The Doctor is over 900 years old.
  • The TARDIS says that the year is approximately 3319, which the Doctor explains is the Earth equivalent of "2190-ish," with the A.E.L.E taking place around 1300.
  • Sontaran scout vessels are considerably smaller than nine metres in diameter.
  • The Doctor claims that he has "the acute directional hearing of a bat with a sat-nav".
  • Florrie claims to have learned about bullet entry wounds and exit burns from watching an episode of Galactamedics.
  • Yce describes the Doctor as a "curly-haired buffoon".
  • Constance tells Yce that she does not know the Doctor very well.
  • While at Bletchley Park, Constance attended an escapology course but she paid little attention during it.
  • The Ninexie reproduce by electromitosis. Their homeworld is in Galaxy Three.
  • Wrechon Four, also in Galaxy Three, fought the Nine Hundred Year War against the Ninexie. The clean-up crew, if not the entire race, is known as the Genocide Squad.
  • Constance is of the opinion that the Doctor's handwriting is terrible.
  • The Doctor and Constance cancel the destruct sequence of the category nine destruction rig.
  • Constance compares the Cloister Room to "an ugly industrial cathedral".

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