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Bf101 absolution big
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companion(s): Charley, C'rizz
Main enemy: The Absolver
Main setting: Utebbadon-Tarria
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Scott Alan Woodard
Director: Barnaby Edwards
Music: Simon Robinson
Post production: Simon Robinson
Cover by: Alex Mallinson
Release details
Release number: 101
Release date: October 2007
Format: 4 episodes on 2 CDs
Production code: 8YD
ISBN 978-1-84435-183-1
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Absolution was the one hundred and first monthly Doctor Who audio release produced by Big Finish Productions. It was the last story to feature C'rizz played by Conrad Westmaas. It saw C'rizz sacrifice himself. Thus, C'rizz joins a small group of companions who died whilst travelling with the Doctor. The consequences of his demise were felt by Charley Pollard, leading her to voice a desire to leave the Eighth Doctor's company.

Publisher's summary Edit

Confession. Penance. Absolution.

The TARDIS breaks down in a forbidden sector of space. Ghostly voices cry out for salvation and only C'rizz, the Doctor's Eutermesan companion, can answer their call — for only he knows the secret of the Absolver. But will he use it to rescue his friends or save the universe?

The Doctor's sins are catching up with him and the infernal beast Borarus is hungry. Time is running out and Judgement Day is at hand.

Welcome to Hell.

Plot Edit

to be added

Cast Edit

References Edit

Places Edit

Religion Edit

Species Edit

  • Hellions are transdimensional parasites who home in on chaotic eddies in the probability stream.

Biology Edit

  • Charley's blood type is AB negative.

Notes Edit

Absolution comic preview

Illustration by Cliff Robinson from DWM 388.

Continuity Edit

  • Shortly before his death, C'rizz refers to his mate L'da, whom he killed in the Kromon biosphere as she had been transformed into a Kromon queen. (AUDIO: The Creed of the Kromon)
  • After C'rizz's death, Charley tells the Doctor that she wants to go home. The Doctor tells her that "that's back aboard the R101", where she met him for the first time in her personal timeline on 5 October 1930. (AUDIO: Storm Warning)
  • Later in his personal timeline, the Doctor would meet C'rizz on one further occasion when he and Lucie Miller encountered his younger self while he was travelling with him and Charley in an American frontier town in the 1870s. This encounter was observed by the Sixth Doctor and his companion Evelyn Smythe. (AUDIO: The 100 Days of the Doctor)
  • Charley mentions C'rizz's moonstone pendant. (AUDIO: The Next Life)

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