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Adelaide Lessage was the secretary of Lord Palmerdale. She was accompanying him back to Bristol in a storm when their steam yacht wrecked on Fang Rock. She, Palmerdale, James Skinsale and their bosun Harker were the only survivors. She had great faith in her employer and would not believe Skinsale when he told her of his shady business practices. Adelaide was distraught upon Palmerdale's death and became more panicked as others in the lighthouse died. Adelaide became one of the last victims of the Rutan scout. (TV: Horror of Fang Rock)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • There would appear to be some debate over the exact spelling of Adelaide's surname. In Terrance Dicks's novelisation it is spelt "Lesage" (page 49), while according to the HoH subtitles on the BBC DVD release it is "Lessedge". The on-screen credits and Radio Times programme listings for parts two to four avoid the problem altogether, billing Annette Woollett simply as "Adelaide".

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