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Adeola Oshodi, known familiarly as "Adi", was a technician at Torchwood One, where she worked on its free energy project. She died as the result of Cyberman infiltration of Torchwood Tower. (TV: Army of Ghosts) She was a cousin of Martha Jones. (PROSE: Made of Steel, TV: Smith and Jones)

She was finding a place to make a romantic liaison with a co-worker named Gareth Evans when she was seized and cyber-converted by Cybermen who had slipped through the Void through a breach in space-time. Her "upgrade" was internal, through an EarPod-like earpiece (or earpieces) linked with connective tissue directly to her brain. She was killed definitively when her "earpieces" were overloaded by a signal from the Tenth Doctor. (TV: Army of Ghosts)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Actress Freema Agyeman played the parts of both Adeola and Martha. The confirmation that the two characters were related first became public in the Made of Steel novella. It was actually released before the broadcast of Smith and Jones. (Made of Steel takes place after Smith and Jones and introduces the character.)
  • Russell T Davies stated in an interview that had he known Freema Agyeman would be such a good choice of actress for the upcoming new companion he would have rewritten Army of Ghosts so that Adeola survived.
  • Other examples of an actor guest-starring in the series in one role, only to return later as a recurring character in another role include Peter Purves, Nicholas Courtney, Ian Marter, Lalla Ward, Colin Baker, Eve Myles, Peter Capaldi and Karen Gillan.

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