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Adrian Anscombe (born 26 December 1971) has been a part of Edward Thomas' art department at the BBC Wales DWU studios since Rose. He has served in a variety of capacities on Doctor Who itself, all having to do with props. While he has occasionally been credited as a standby propsman, and props buyer, he quickly established himself as a senior member of the props team, and, between about the midway point of series 1 and the end of series 2, was most often credited as the (chief) property master. He also served in this capacity for the first episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures. More recently, Anscombe has served as props buyer and set decorator for Steven Moffat-era Doctor Who.

He also contributed to the first two series of Torchwood, but here he was variously a set decorator and art department operations manager. He served as props buyer for series 3.

Anscombe's career began in about 2001. He worked with props on a few one-off tele-movies before being employed by Ed Thomas. His work in the Doctor Who universe is, As of 2016, the most notable part of his work history.

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