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Adriana Petrescu
Adriana Petrescu (The Man Who Never Was)
Species: Human
Place of origin: Earth
Appearance: The Man Who Never Was
Main actor: Edyta Budnik
Adriana Petrescu was a young woman who worked as a cleaner for Joseph Serf, unaware that he was a hologram.

While Adriana was busy working in the Serf Systems building one day, she was grabbed and pulled into a lift by a Skullion, who took her to the basement. She saw that Skullions were being mistreated by John Harrison and tried to help, but was caught and locked in a storeroom. She was later joined by Sarah Jane Smith, who noted that Adriana's compassion for the Skullions — whom she referred to as the "Little People" — had restored her faith in human nature. They escaped and took the Skullions to the roof, where Mr Smith had arranged for a Skullion spaceship to pick them up. She met Luke Smith, Sky Smith, Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra there and they all witnessed the Skullions' return home.

She was given a Unified Intelligence Taskforce contact card by Sarah Jane, who said that they could use people like Adriana. Sarah Jane would ensure that Adriana would be paid well. (TV: The Man Who Never Was)

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