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You may be looking for the 2013 docu-drama.

Adventures in Space and Time was a documentary that looked at the history of Doctor Who, from its initial broadcast to the 1996 television movie.

Main subject Edit

Beginning with the first episode of Doctor Who, An Unearthly Child, the documentary charts the history of the show, analysing the style of the various eras and incarnations of the Doctor.

The documentary also shows the opinions of several interviewees about the show. Verity Lambert describes it as "part of growing up", several say whether they believed if Doctor Who should come back, and Tom Baker admits that "the BBC keeps sending me copies of the compilations, and I never look at them".

Additional topics covered Edit

In between each segment looking at the stages of the development of Doctor Who, the documentary also looks at various elements that are a seen thoughout the series as a whole, including:

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