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Agatha Ellis was born on Earth in 1970. Her mother died in childbirth and her father became mentally ill, then died when she was 17. Bullied in school, she moved to London in 1991 to try for a better life. Unfortunately, she found herself in a dull routine.

She met a man named Godfrey and had sex. He disappeared from her life, then she discovered she was pregnant. Four months later, he returned and revealed he was an alien. In shock, she tried to kill her baby. Her actions resulted in her being placed in a mental institution.

The Sixth Doctor visited her on a regular basis and gave her medicine. When Godfrey came for his child in 2006, the Doctor fought and defeated him. He was shaken by the fight, but promised to come back the following night and take her with him. However, she could not believe her life would ever get better. Agatha committed suicide by consuming the entire bottle of medicine that the Doctor forgot to take with him. (PROSE: Curtain Call)

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